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Kyrgyzstan. Sanatorium of Jeti Oguz. There was clean mountain air, and there was many a drink. This one, called Nano Platinum vodka, was the last and final brand that came after Kyrgyz Aragy, after Ular, and after Atanbaj. You could probably say that it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Nano Platinum vodka, ugly bottle good vodka

I don’t remember drinking this. But luckily I still have my notes, and they are surprisingly readable. Some parts are crossed out where we apparently argued about how we were going to rate this drink, and there are some water stains on the paper, too. Or are they vodka stains?
Anyway, this was slightly more expensive than most other brands in Kyrgyzstan, it was about 250som for 700ml (4€, still making it a 10/10 anyway). The bottle design was okay, I personally didn’t really like it that much because it looked very eighties (4/10). And the eighties looked like crap.

The taste: it says 8/10 here in my notes. And it tells me that this stuff tastes like wheat. The aftertaste is supposed to be good, too (8/10). There is no mention of any special aroma here, though.

All in all, this is a pretty good vodka, and I would love to try it again in more limited quantities: 7.5

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