Nemiroff Premium



slightly better

[40%, sampled in Germany]

So I finally found a bottle of Nemiroff Premium, the vodka from the Lady Gaga video that prompted me to try the regular Nemiroff back then. I was happy. I figured if something was good enough for a superstar, then it was good enough for me.

again with the expectations

So I carried the bottle home and sat down with it. I remembered that Nemiroff was pretty solid, and that the Honey Pepper edition was outright awesome. So I had high hopes for this one, with it being all premium and stuff.

Nemiroff Premium is smooth

Nemiroff Premium felt a bit more smooth than the regular stuff. It had a bit of an aroma in the aftertaste, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Maybe a hint of sweetness, and that was it.

The bottle design was okay at best and didn’t really look very much like a “premium” product, unless of course if you placed it in a music video with Lady Gaga. But wouldn’t anything look premium then? The price was good, though: around 16€ for 700ml.

the middle

I think this one is in somewhere in between the regular Nemiroff and Nemiroff Honey Pepper. It’s a good standard vodka, but nothing to get overly excited about. Maybe they should just drop the Premium in the name and call it something else. Maybe “Nemiroff Slightly Better” would work?

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