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Nemiroff Premium vodka is the third Nemiroff that I’ve tried.

Nemiroff Premium vodka is good, but it’s not really premium good

So I finally found the vodka that I had seen in the Lady Gaga video back when I tried the regular Nemiroff. I was happy, and I felt a bit like a star myself for having the opportunity to drink some of this fine liquor. Lady Gaga and me. I figured if it’s good enough for the her, then it’s good enough for me.

And when I finally tried it, I found out that while I thought Nemiroff was good, and the Honey Pepper version was just plain awesome because of the aftertaste, this one was actually somewhere in between.

It felt a bit more smooth than the regular stuff (8/10). But it didn’t have the nice aftertaste (7/10) of the honey-pepper edition. The bottle design was okay at best and didn’t really look very much like a “premium” product (5/10), unless you placed it in a music video with Lady Gaga and her dancers. THEN it looked premium as hell. The price was good though: around 16€ for 700ml, making it a 7/10.

This is a good standard vodka.

Overall rating: 6.75

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