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Ozon vodka. From Kyrgyzstan. This was the first V that I tried after arriving in Bishkek in September 2014.

Hanging out at a hostel with a heavy cold, I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I went into this small shop somewhere and asked the guy: “what do you drink?”

He then gave me a bottle of Kognac.

So I said: “No no no, I mean VODKA, what kind of VODKA do you drink?” To which he simply replied that he didn’t drink any vodka.

“What do men drink?” I finally asked him.

Sometimes, Ozon vodka means oxygen-enriched vodka

The first thing you notice: most vodka in Kyrgyzstan is insanely cheap. Like, life-threateningly cheap. This 500ml bottle was about 180som, making it less then 4€ for a 700ml bottle (10/10).

When I asked people why vodka was so easily available in Kyrgyzstan, most of them said that if you made it more expensive, then people would just distill it themselves at home, thus posing a much greater risk to public health.


Okay, so Ozon it was. This stuff says “oxygen-enriched” on the label. Being a sportsman, I always love the idea that drinking hard liquor can somehow be good for me. More oxygen? Hell yeah!

And the stuff tasted surprisingly good. In my little drinking diary, I noted that Ozon didn’t taste like air at all, but that it was mild and gentle when consumed straight (8/10), and that the aftertaste was very good too (8/10). Heart-warming and nice.

The bottle design seemed basically like a knock-off of Vox or Three Sixty (4/10).

Overall, this one is a very good vodka at a superb price: 7,5

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