Russian Standard



the standard

[37,5%, sampled in Germany]

This one is called Русский Стандарт – Russian Standard. The word “standard” in this case doesn’t refer to a norm of some kind, but to an official flag. Anyway, Russian Standard vodka is the sister of both the Platinum edition and Imperia.

the reason for this site

Here’s a bit of meta-trivia: Russian Standard was the reason why I decided to make this site in the first place.

One night I was hanging out in some friends’ kitchen sharing a bottle of Russian Standard. In walks another dude and grabs a beer from the fridge. I’m like: “Care for a glass of vodka?” He gulps it down, then looks at the bottle and says: “Bah! Why are you drinking these new brands, they disgust me! You should be drinking one of the classics!”

And I thought: Does a vodka brand have to be old and established in order to be good?

But I had no way of knowing if the dude was right or wrong until I had tried a lot more different vodka brands. So I started this blog. And I can tell you this much already: he was wrong.

how does Russian Standard do it

Back to the Standard: the taste is perfectly smooth, the aftertaste is complex and aromatic.

It has a classic bottle design and a very competitive price (you can get this for around 11€/700ml).

This is one of the best vodka brands I have ever tried. There is one thing to keep in mind, though: vodka depends on grain & water quality, so each batch can be a bit different.

Anyway, enjoy this with a slice of good bread, and you will agree that this is one of the best.

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