Żubrówka Bison Grass



king of the bison grass

[37,5%, flavored, sampled in Germany]

Finally, this is the legendary Żubrówka (or Zubrowka) vodka.

Remember when I tried Grasovka, the bison-grass-flavored vodka that’s so popular in Germany, and I liked the flavoring but not the vodka itself? Well this one, Grasovka’s bigger brother from Poland, was a total home-run.

Poles (still) drink Zubrowka

I had heard about it before. “Don’t bother drinking Grasovka!” my friends from Poland had told me, “we have something much better!” So I was naturally excited to try this.

But with Grasovka basically having the German market for bison-grass flavored vodka in a stranglehold, it was a bit hard to find Żubrówka at first. But find it I did, thanks to an awesome invention that has brought us limitless amounts of porn and trolling: the internet.

fuckin A

But what did it taste like, you ask? Well, here is my verdict: it’s fuckin A. Unlike Grasovka, this precious liquid goes down smooth like water from a mountain spring. The aftertaste is better than awesome, it is perfect.

I liked the bottle design (the bison on the label and the bison grass in the bottle), and it came at a very affordable price of about 11€ for 700ml.

the problem with ownership

This is one of the best vodka brands I have ever tried. Do yourself a favor and drink it.

But wait! Here’s an edit that I’m making in September 2020, eight years after writing the original review: Żubrówka has since changed ownership (it’s now owned by Russian Standard), and my Polish friends have been complaining. They say the taste has gotten worse.

Maybe it’s time for a new test?

4 thoughts on “Żubrówka Bison Grass”

  1. Hey man. I agree 100% with this and a lot of your other vodka reviews. I tried Żubrówka for the first time at a gas station on the Polish/German border and never looked back. Unfortunately here in Australia you have to pay quite a bit to drink this. Keep up the good work.

  2. Very much agree! Was introduced to Grasovka by a Polish truck driver who warned me that I would want for no other “wódka” once I had some. Priced at just under $30 Canadian, it’s considered mid range, but by far the smoothest vodka I’ve had in years.

  3. yea “smoothest” and “polish” voodka. check now who is the owner ( Russian Standard Corporation since 2013). you need to change the review cause the taste is different (like a very cheap sh*t) and it’s russian cheap sh*tty vodka (not polish) at the moment. don’t share not updated review.


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