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The name Three Sixty vodka reminded me of 360.

Three Sixty vodka is good if you want to get you drunk

For some reason, I was sure that this was going to suck. It felt like this was a sort of disco vodka, something that dancing girls like to drink when they are already drunk anyway. I don’t know how I got this idea, but I was sure of it. I was so sure it was going to suck, I didn’t even want to try it. Talk about prejudice.

But you can’t write a review blog about anything without trying a variety of stuff, right? So I shelved out the 14€ for 700ml (good price: 8/10) and got myself a bottle.

I was definitely surprised: there was some smoothness there (7/10), and the only sad part was that the vodka was definitely lacking in aftertaste (5/10). I didn’t appreciate the bottle design either (4/10).

This vodka is good in mixed drinks if you don’t want any of that vodka aroma shining through. To put it into other words, it’s a good vodka to get someone drunk without him (or her) knowing it. I guess that makes it a disco vodka. Or something like that. But that doesn’t mean it’s terrible.

Overall rating: 6.0

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