Three Sixty



if you want to get drunk

[40%, sampled in Germany]

The name Three Sixty vodka reminded me of 360. That one wasn’t bad, but for some reason, I was sure that this one was going to suck.

It felt like Three Sixty was a sort of disco vodka, something that club-goes like to get when they’re already wasted. I don’t know how I got this idea, but I was sure of it.


You can’t claim to be reviewing vodka without trying a variety of brands, right? So I decided to forget about my biases for a while and shelved out the 14€ for the 700ml bottle.

I was surprised: there definitely was some smoothness there. Three Sixty, claiming to be diamond-filtered, had a cool and balmy taste. The sad part was that it was also definitely lacking in aftertaste. It was as if the vodka just wasn’t there anymore.

About the bottle design: I found myself wondering if this was just a confused attempt to mix glass bricks with a pirate theme.

Three Sixty’s strength

Usually, when you’re making a mixed drink, you want the aroma of the alcohol (or even its taste) to shine through. But due to Three Sixty’s set of qualities (smooth taste, almost no aroma), it is particularly good in drinks where you don’t want to taste the alcohol at all.

To put it into other words, it’s a good vodka to get someone drunk without them realizing it. I guess that makes it a disco vodka. Or something like that.

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