Smirnoff Red Label #21

Overall Rating: 5.8
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Smirnoff Red Label #21 vodka. Since many bars in Germany serve this vodka, I was going to give it a try.

There must be a reason why Smirnoff Red Label #21 vodka is one of the most popular vodka brands around here

Hailing from Britain, this seems to be one of the most dominating brands in Western Europe and in the USA. I was wondering why it was so popular, so I asked Google, and here’s what I found out: Word has it that right after the end of the Cold War, a lot of the Russian solders stationed in parts of Germany loved to spend their pay on this stuff. Wouldn’t this fact in itself be a sort of knighting for any vodka brand?

I was wondering about these things when I brought home a bottle and opened it.

The taste was average (5/10) and the aftertaste was boring (4/10). Not much I can say about this at all. I thought the bottle design was okay (5/10), only the price was very competitive (around 11€/700ml: 9/10).

I have no clue why this stuff is so popular, but I think it is one of those vodkas which should be consumed with lots and lots of fruit juice.

Overall rating: 5.75

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