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I was very surprised when I found this one: Istanblue vodka – a brand from Turkey. And it said “votka” on the bottle!

I didn’t have Turkey on my map for good vodka – before Istanblue vodka!

I didn’t expect much. Another bottle made of stylish frosted glass, another cool name, another brand that sells image, not taste. That’s about what I thought. But I picked it up anyway, because you never know, maybe I was in for a surprise?

And what a surprise it was! This vodka was really, really awesome: the initial taste was just smooooooooth (10/10), the aftertaste was rich and perfect (10/10). Even the bottle looked good! And here’s another thing: it has a built-in dispenser that makes it very easy to fill shot glasses. I love dispensers! If the bottle makes that nice gurgling sound so be it, but if it doesn’t, then I want a dispenser! I think they should make this mandatory for all vodka bottles, unless they manage to have that particular sound when you pour the stuff out. Anyway, the bottle was awesome (9/10). Oh, and the price was good too (15€/700ml: 8/10).

Seriously, this is one vodka brand to try out!

Overall rating: 9.25

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