Czech Republic

Czech Republic


Will this one be more interesting than the bottle suggests?

Googled the name and landed on a surprisingly slick-looking website. It shows a bunch of awards that this vodka apparently won. I can’t really understand much of it because it’s in Czech and I don’t speak Czech. But there’s a hand at the bottom of the screen…

Hanacka vodka
Czech Republic


How do I know if this vodka is real?

This vodka came as part of Karel’s gift to me – two bottles, one of Rudolf Jelinek Plum and one of this. It was called Hanacka vodka. I took it home and opened it ceremoniously, pouring a shotglass and cutting a slice of…

R. Jelinek Plum vodka
Czech Republic

Rudolf Jelinek Plum

Does this vodka really taste like plums?

Rudolf Jelinek Plum vodka – I got this one as a gift from my friend Karel the last time I was in Prague. And I can tell you, that guy really enjoyed a clever lead up.
“Do you like beer?” He asked me in a most conversational tone.
“I like it, but I don’t know much about it.” I replied. After all, I was in the land of beer.
“Well, then what do you usually drink?” There was a faint…

42 Blended vodka
Czech Republic

42 Blended

Is this vodka different from other brands because it is blended?

I got this one in a mall in Prague, and to this day I am not sure what it is actually called. Is it Blend 42? Or rather 42 Blended vodka? I looked it up online and chose to go with the latter. Also, it apparently has a new bottle design now, meaning I got one of the old bottles. But I am not sure if I understood all this…