The Americas

Skyy vodka


Some vodka brands are more popular than others without actually tasting better, why is that?

Skyy is a vodka brand from the US that was established in the 90s, and it now seems to have taken over the club scene. It is using aggressive…

360 vodka


If this vodka is eco-friendly and even comes in a special bottle with a swing-top cap, will the taste still be okay?

This vodka is supposed to be “eco-friendly” – not only the bottle (note the swing-top cap) but also the production process. But what about the…

Honor vodka


If this vodka has such a big name, will it be able to live up to it, or will it fail?

I got this in the same store where I had found Most Wanted before. And I got it in a…

Tito's vodka


What is the one ingredient that you must have in order to turn your vodka brand into a success?

This one is a Texan vodka that claims to be “handmade” – I never found out what that actually meant, but I figured it had something to do with…

Most Wanted vodka

Most Wanted

Why should this be in your brown paper bag when you are leaving the liquor store?

I wasn’t expecting anything when I got this at the liquor store in Wichita. Good thing was I got it in a…

Crystal Head vodka

Crystal Head

Is this drinkable even if you don’t believe in aliens or the new Indiana Jones flick?

How lucky I was that I hadn’t seen that infamous new Indiana Jones movie yet – my desire to drink from any sort of Crystal Head would have been instantly…