Mernaya Honey Pepper vodka

Mernaya Honey Pepper

Will this honey pepper infused vodka be as good as Nemiroff Honey Pepper?

This vodka actually has a nice golden color, but you can’t see it now because when I got the camera out, the bottle was already empty. Sorry I took the…

Nemiroff Premium vodka

Nemiroff Premium

Is this much better than the original Nemiroff or has someone just fallen victim to some tricky advertising?

So I finally found the vodka that I had seen in the Lady Gaga video back when I tried the regular Nemiroff! I figured if it’s good enough for the her, then it’s good enough for…

Nemiroff Honey Pepper vodka

Nemiroff Honey Pepper

Is adding some interesting flavors to an otherwise solid product enough to make it excellent?

After having tried the regular Nemiroff and finding it merely reliable, I wasn’t overly excited to go into any of its flavored varieties, but the lady at the…

Nemiroff vodka


Did I drink this because of Lady Gaga, or was there another reason, like maybe the taste?

Apparently, this brand was featured in a pretty popular music video, so I ended up watching a semi-nude chick bounce around a futuristic Russian bathhouse for five minutes. And now I…

Blagoff Green Apple vodka

Blagoff Green Apple

Is there a particular soft drink that can become this vodka’s best friend?

Actually, it is a bit hard to pass judgement on a drink that has sent you to the restroom wondering if you are going to…

Mernaya Tradition vodka

Mernaya Tradition

Where exactly is the tradition in this vodka?

I hadn’t been planning on drinking that day, but when I stumbled upon this group of drunk people at the seaside near Vladivostok, I smiled and…