Is this Isfjord vodka from Greenland as icy as it sounds?

As you can see from the background, I got Isfjord vodka in the same place I had tried Mansfeld: Luxembourg. And I ran into some problems as towards the nationality of this brand. It says Greenland on the label. Arctic water from Greenland. So was I supposed to make an individual category for it, and if I did, would it be part of The Americas or Europe?
In the end I looked up Isfjord vodka online and found out that the company headquarters were in Denmark. So I decided to simply list it as a Danish vodka…



Is this top shelf vodka worth almost forty euros, or is it just a pretty vase?

I got this bottle of Mansfeld vodka when I was hanging out in Luxembourg in February 2018. I don’t know why exactly, but I remember being surprised that Luxembourg had its own brand of vodka. Maybe it was because the country seemed so small?
Anyway, Mansfeld is from there. It was apparently named after a 16th century governor of Luxembourg. And why not…



Is this colorful sable going to catch the goose?

Sobolinaya was being marketed as an upscale brand, and as such it would have been understandable had they went with the Belvedere/Goose ground glass finish that seemed to be so typical in this segment of late. But no, they went for clear glass, but they added something to it that gave it a rainbow-like, pearlescent effect…



Is it mean to say that Our Berlin vodka is being weighed down by its price and bottle design?

The first thing I noticed about this vodka is that the bottle was REALLY small. It’s 350ml, making it about half the size of a usual vodka bottle (700ml). It actually felt a little bit like one of those nostalgic mineral water bottles.

Did I like the design? Well, yes and no…


Beluga Noble Winter

What does it mean when you don’t pay attention in a statement about paying attention?

Ever since trying Beluga for the first time while I was in Russia in the summer of 2010, I have been a fan. But you can only drink so much of this stuff, especially since it’s pretty expensive. So every now and then I keep an eye open for…


Nordisch Vodka

Is this original recipe from Hamburg any good?

There’s not much left in the bottle. When did I drink most of it? Can’t remember. Anyway, I don’t need much anyway, just a bit so I can figure out whether I like the taste or not. I have no shot glass here and no ordinary glass either, so I’ll just drink it straight from the bottle. It doesn’t matter anyway. No one can…


Beluga Celebration

Will Beluga Celebration be better than the original?

This being Beluga, and not just that, but Beluga Celebration, my expectations were high. And I didn’t feel disappointed. Beluga Celebration has only a very faint smell, which is always a good sign. If the stuff smells like some kind of…

Czech Republic


Will this one be more interesting than the bottle suggests?

Googled the name and landed on a surprisingly slick-looking website. It shows a bunch of awards that this vodka apparently won. I can’t really understand much of it because it’s in Czech and I don’t speak Czech. But there’s a hand at the bottom of the screen…


Absolut Elyx

Can you taste the copper?

A while ago I got an email from Jeremie. “Do you want to try some new vodka?” he asked me. Sure, I said. A little later I got a bottle in the mail. Just like that.

Ostoya vodka


Are all vodka brands that come in this kind of bottle good, or are there exceptions?

Last time I reviewed a vodka brand I was listening to Black Flag. Good times. Tonight is very different, though. Wanna know what it is I am listening to tonight? I am sorry, I cannot say. It is so unspeakably heavy, I must never tell you what it is. My apologies. Okay. If you insist. Here it is: …

Starogardzka vodka


Who is Otto Winkelhausen and what could he have done to make this a better vodka?

I am listening to Black Flag while I am writing this. “TV Party” is one of the biggest hits ever. Good for drinking or writing about drinking. As I was going through my vodka findings from Poland, this one somehow appeared before me: Starogardzka vodka. I don’t speak Polish, but the bottle featured a dude called Otto Winkelhausen, so I tried to look him up. I found nothing. At least nothing that had anything to do with vodka. So it seems as though I can’t…

Amundsen vodka


Is this vodka really polar, and what the hell is wrong with that cap?

This one is called Amundsen vodka, and it hails from Poland. I bought it there, along with several other fine bottles of V. Then I took them home to Hamburg and lined them up along the wall in the place where I live. It was beautiful.

Stumbras Pure vodka

Stumbras Pure

Can the biggest distiller in the country hold up to its other East European rivals?

This one is called Stumbras Pure vodka, and it is from Lithuania. I didn’t get it there, though, I bought it on a trip to Poland, thinking it was from there. Looking back, I think I must have looked a bit weird at the grocery store when my whole shopping cart was filled with different vodka bottles. But anyway…

Hanacka vodka
Czech Republic


How do I know if this vodka is real?

This vodka came as part of Karel’s gift to me – two bottles, one of Rudolf Jelinek Plum and one of this. It was called Hanacka vodka. I took it home and opened it ceremoniously, pouring a shotglass and cutting a slice of…

R. Jelinek Plum vodka
Czech Republic

Rudolf Jelinek Plum

Does this vodka really taste like plums?

Rudolf Jelinek Plum vodka – I got this one as a gift from my friend Karel the last time I was in Prague. And I can tell you, that guy really enjoyed a clever lead up.
“Do you like beer?” He asked me in a most conversational tone.
“I like it, but I don’t know much about it.” I replied. After all, I was in the land of beer.
“Well, then what do you usually drink?” There was a faint…

42 Blended vodka
Czech Republic

42 Blended

Is this vodka different from other brands because it is blended?

I got this one in a mall in Prague, and to this day I am not sure what it is actually called. Is it Blend 42? Or rather 42 Blended vodka? I looked it up online and chose to go with the latter. Also, it apparently has a new bottle design now, meaning I got one of the old bottles. But I am not sure if I understood all this…

Smirnoff White vodka

Smirnoff White

Is this vodka much better (or just whiter) than the regular Smirnoff stuff?

This one is called Smirnoff White vodka, and it’s from the UK. I picked it up in a duty free somewhere in an airport (I think it was in Istanbul), and that’s exactly where you are supposed to find it – it’s apparently only available in airports around the world.
At first I was a bit sceptical. I had…

Belenkaya Luxe vodka

Belenkaya Luxe

Is this one just de luxe in name or is it really that good?

Behold! This one is called Беленькая Люкс – Belenkaya Luxe vodka, and it is not from Kyrgyzstan, even though I bought it there. No, it is from Russia! I was in Cholpon-Ata when I tried it, a beach resort on the northern shore of Issyk-kul. It was a few weeks after that tumultuous night of Jeti Oguz, the hangover had passed, and I had kept myself busy doing other things besides…

Russian Billionaire Elite Club vodka

Russian Billionaire Elite Club

Do Russian billionaires drink this stuff in those elite clubs they have?

When I first laid eyes on this one I thought: who in his right mind could say no to a name like that?! It came in a box that looked nice and stylish but…

Back In USSR vodka

Back In USSR

Is this vodka recommendable for people who are not fans of Socialist nostalgia items?

The first thing that struck me about this one was its name and design: Back In USSR, with a hammer and a sickle. Was this supposed to be a sign of political nostalgia? Or just a humorous…

Żołądkowa Gorzka vodka

Żołądkowa Gorzka

Can this herbal vodka still be considered a vodka at all, and should you drink it straight?

Normally when you drink a flavored vodka like Georgievskaya Birch, like Kalinovaya or Nemiroff Honey Pepper, it’s just regular vodka that has just been…

Xellent vodka


Surely the Swiss can make good vodka, but can they make a vodka that’s excellent?

Again, vodka marketing is not so much about the taste of the product, but about brand image. You have to somehow make your customers believe that they are buying into a…

Mernaya Honey Pepper vodka

Mernaya Honey Pepper

Will this honey pepper infused vodka be as good as Nemiroff Honey Pepper?

This vodka actually has a nice golden color, but you can’t see it now because when I got the camera out, the bottle was already empty. Sorry I took the…

Debowa Polska vodka

Dębowa Polska

What does oak wood taste like, and if we put it in a bottle of vodka, will it be any good?

This “oak vodka” came to me from Poland via a German grocery store, and there was some sort of wooden shaving in the bottle, reminding me of the bison grass in Żubrówka or the wheat ear in…

Legend Of Kremlin vodka

Legend Of Kremlin

If there is a legend about the Kremlin, can we really expect to find it in a bottle of vodka?

This one is a premium brand like so many others. And like so many others it boasts a long tradition and some of the closest ties to Czar’s Family. There is apparently even…

Rushkinoff vodka


Will the second contender coming in a plastic bottle be any better than the first one?

This original vodka was better than its cannabis version. Also, it wasn’t 100 proof but 80 proof, making it a lot easier to…

Rushkinoff Cannabis vodka

Rushkinoff Cannabis

Why would anyone want to drink vodka that has been infused with… weed?

Okay, 100 proof vodka is nothing new, but this one has apparently been infused with cannabis. Cannabis? you ask, isn’t that for smoking in legal environments or…

Belvedere Pomarancza

Belvedere Pomarancza

Should this orange + lime flavored vodka be consumed straight, or is it meant for mixed drinks?

The first thing you notice when you open the bottle is the smell. I hope all the flavoring in this product has been done naturally, because the…

Cîroc vodka


Are grapes the future of vodka making, or is this just a niche product for the affluent drunk hipster?

I have said it before: It’s fun to try new things. When I picked this one up in the store I thought: well, Bree vodka wass made from grapes as well, and it was pretty good, so…

Bazic vodka


What do vodka manufacturers have to do in order to establish a brand image that is young and sexy?

I think the people at Bazic were trying to come up with a brand name that was cool and unique. So they took the word “basic”, but since “basic” seemed a bit too…

Shtoffka vodka


Is this brand name hilarious, or is it just further proof that humor doesn’t improve from drinking?

You know how sometimes you get an idea stuck in your head, a totally random idea, and you just can’t get rid of it? To me, it was the idea that…

Belvedere Intense vodka

Belvedere Intense

If there is there a way to make 100 proof vodka taste good, can Belvedere find it?

There is a popular legend that goes like this: back in the 19th century, Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev came up with a state standard for…

Ogni Kremlya vodka

Ogni Kremlya

Is there anything reasonable I can say about this vodka after a long drunken night?

First of all, I have to apologize to the good people at Ogni Kremlya, because this review is probably not going to do them much justice. I usually try not to…

Russian Garant Horseradish vodka

Russian Garant Horseradish

Is it a good idea to be infusing vodka with horseradish, or is it an insult to the senses?

Does the thought of mixing horseradish with vodka sound horrible to you? Well, it didn’t to me. Not before I tried it. I thought: well, I have

Bree vodka


Does it make a difference that this vodka was made from grapes, and does it even have the right to call itself a vodka?

Mama vodka


What do mothers have to do with getting drunk on vodka, or is it all just part of a clever branding campaign?

Rublëvka vodka


If there is nothing particular to be said about a certain vodka, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Bavarka vodka


Is spending fifty euros for a bottle of vodka in any way justifiable in terms of product quality?

Minskaya vodka


Will this be the one that is really and unmistakenly from Belarus, and will it be any good?

Nemiroff Premium vodka

Nemiroff Premium

Is this much better than the original Nemiroff or has someone just fallen victim to some tricky advertising?

Kalinovaya vodka


Is this the prettiest bottle design ever, and what do rowan berries really taste like?

Callicounis Imperial vodka

Callicounis Imperial

Can vodka that comes in a plastic bottle and calls itself “imperial” be any good?

Nemiroff Honey Pepper vodka

Nemiroff Honey Pepper

Is adding some interesting flavors to an otherwise solid product enough to make it excellent?

Stolichnaya Elit vodka

Stolichnaya Elit

Is this one of those luxury editions that are not much better than the originals?

Partisan vodka


What would be a good way to enjoy this vodka, and is it really from Belarus anyway?

Żubrówka vodka

Żubrówka Bison Grass

Is this one really the Holy Grail of bison-grass flavored vodkas, or is it just part of the hype?

Samaani vodka


Does a vodka have to be smooth in order to be enjoyable, or is it good enough if it’s just fun?

Smooth vodka

Znaps Smooth

Does it mean putting too much pressure on yourself if you name your vodka brand Smooth?

Etalon vodka


Where is this stuff really from, and if we don’t know where it is from, do we even care?

Camitz Sparkling vodka

Camitz Sparkling

Is this sparkling vodka something like a practical joke, or does it really taste good?

Rutte vodka


If an organic vodka has a greenish hue to it, is that a good sign or a bad sign?

Finlandia vodka


Can this one be as good as the Finnish classic drink Koskenkorva?

Three Sixty vodka

Three Sixty

Was this vodka specifically designed in order to help guys get women drunk in the club?

Alpha Noble vodka

Alpha Noble

What will a real pro say about this vodka, and is the word “noble” in any way justified?

Jelzin Vanilla vodka

Jelzin Vanilla

What’s with the historical Russian names on foreign vodka bottles, and will the vanilla flavoring be any good?

Klosowka vodka


Does it change anything to put a wheat ear in a vodka bottle, and what’s with the import business?

Vox vodka


Can anything that bears the same name as the singer of one of the world’s most terrible music groups be any good?

Danzka vodka


This one has a solid reputation and was even recommended by my physician, but is it really that good?

Tarpan vodka


Will this eco-friendly vodka stand a chance against 360, and if it doesn’t, is it still worth a try?

Rusitsa vodka


What’s wrong with this cork cap and how important is it to attach a picture of a random woman to a vodka bottle?


Ketel One

Is it justified that this stuff is so popular in mixed drinks, and if so, does that mean it’s not good?

Koskenkorva vodka


Has the north become predictable, or are we in for a surprise with this vodka?

Czar’s Gold vodka

Czar’s Gold

Was giving this vodka an imperial name a mistake, or was it smart marketing for an excellent product?

Wyborowa Exquisite vodka

Wyborowa Exquisite

Why are Polish vodka brands generally so awesome, and is this one an exception to the rule?

Russkaya Ruletka vodka

Russkaya Ruletka

Is there a reason to try Russian Roulette, or should we just stick to our guns and drink other stuff?

Baykal vodka


Is this the vodka brand with the best or the worst advertisement campaign ever?

Grey Goose vodka

Grey Goose

Was it really worth digging deep down into my pocket just to have a few sips of the Goose?

Vysota Luxe vodka

Vysota Luxe

Why is this vodka called deluxe, and why is it not enough to have a product that’s just decent?

Stolichnaya vodka


Can this classic vodka live up to its name, and by the way: what is its name anyway?

Svedka vodka


Is this any good, and is it even possible to pass judgement on a vodka brand from tastings like these?

Five Lakes vodka

Five Lakes

When you drink this, will you feel the freshness of Siberian lakes or just the percentage of alcohol?

Kedrovitsa vodka


What do pine trees really taste like and why did I fail to notice them in this vodka?

Dvojnaya Belaya vodka

Dvojnaya Belaya

If this is so good, then why don’t the people who sell it drink it themselves?

Vikingfjord vodka


Do all Nordic vodka brands have something in common, and why is this stuff so cool?

Absolut vodka


Has anybody tried all the different flavored editions of this brand, and are they even worth trying?

Hlebnaya vodka

Ladoga Hlebnaya

Is there anything to be learned from drinking, and what does bread have to do with vodka?

Nemiroff vodka


Did I drink this because of Lady Gaga, or was there another reason, like maybe the taste?

Istanblue vodka


Who in the world would have expected this relatively unknown brand to be so awesome?

Russian Standard vodka

Russian Standard

Does a vodka brand have to be old and established in order to be truly great?

Grasovka vodka


Why is a Polish vodka that Polish people don’t drink so popular in Germany, and what’s with the straw in the bottle?

Fürst Uranov vodka

Fürst Uranov

Is it true that you can’t find any worse vodka than this one, and if it is true, why is der Fürst still around?

Belvedere vodka


Is this just some liquor in a pretty bottle or is it really one of the best vodka brands around?

Green Mark vodka

Green Mark

Is this just another washed up legend, or can it still live up to old expectations?

Kauffman vodka


Is the hefty price tag on this vodka brand really justified, or is it just another luxury hype?

Beluga vodka

Beluga Noble

Is Beluga overpriced, and why did they put a fish on the label and not a whale?

Imperia vodka


Is this what happens when you try to come up with something even more awesome than the original?

Parliament vodka


Does filtering with milk make any difference, and what is so awesome about this brand name?

Imperial Collection vodka

Imperial Collection

Is this true deluxe or is it just another regular ass vodka with a nice name on the label?

Tigroff Ginseng vodka

Tigroff Ginseng

What does ginseng aroma have to do in an all-black bottle with tiger scratch marks?

Kalashnikov vodka

Kalashnikov Premium

Is it cool to drink an assault rifle, and who has this vodka brand been made for?

Georgievskaya Birch vodka

Georgievskaya Birch

What does a birch tree really taste like, and why do people put it in their drinks?