Is this Isfjord vodka from Greenland as icy as it sounds?

As you can see from the background, I got Isfjord vodka in the same place I had tried Mansfeld: Luxembourg. And I ran into some problems as towards the nationality of this brand. It says Greenland on the label. Arctic water from Greenland. So was I supposed to make an individual category for it, and if I did, would it be part of The Americas or Europe?
In the end I looked up Isfjord vodka online and found out that the company headquarters were in Denmark. So I decided to simply list it as a Danish vodka…

Mama vodka


What do mothers have to do with getting drunk on vodka, or is it all just part of a clever branding campaign?

I got this because it was so weird. It came in a box with white cotton wool around it, and it said that you were supposed to cherish thy mother or something, and I was like: since when…

Danzka vodka


This one has a solid reputation and was even recommended by my physician, but is it really that good?

My physician likes to talk about things. Whenever I show up, there is always something that both have an interest in. Sometimes it’s Russia. Sometimes it’s politics. And this one time, it was actually…