Is it mean to say that Our Berlin vodka is being weighed down by its price and bottle design?

The first thing I noticed about this vodka is that the bottle was REALLY small. It’s 350ml, making it about half the size of a usual vodka bottle (700ml). It actually felt a little bit like one of those nostalgic mineral water bottles.

Did I like the design? Well, yes and no…


Nordisch Vodka

Is this original recipe from Hamburg any good?

There’s not much left in the bottle. When did I drink most of it? Can’t remember. Anyway, I don’t need much anyway, just a bit so I can figure out whether I like the taste or not. I have no shot glass here and no ordinary glass either, so I’ll just drink it straight from the bottle. It doesn’t matter anyway. No one can…

Bazic vodka


What do vodka manufacturers have to do in order to establish a brand image that is young and sexy?

I think the people at Bazic were trying to come up with a brand name that was cool and unique. So they took the word “basic”, but since “basic” seemed a bit too…

Bree vodka


Does it make a difference that this vodka was made from grapes, and does it even have the right to call itself a vodka?

Human beings enjoy coming up with rules and regulations – we like to invent standards for things. Sometimes this makes sense: what if all trains were riding on different track widths? We would be living in…

Bavarka vodka


Is spending fifty euros for a bottle of vodka in any way justifiable in terms of product quality?

I guess there is always something to celebrate. I had seen this bottle in a rare foods store in downtown Munich before, and it had immediately…

Three Sixty vodka

Three Sixty

Was this vodka specifically designed in order to help guys get girls drunk in the clubs?

For some reason, I was sure that this was going to suck. It felt like this was a sort of disco vodka, something that dancing girls drink when they are…

Fürst Uranov vodka

Fürst Uranov

Is it true that you can’t find any worse vodka than this one, and if it is true, why is the Fürst still around?

I got weird looks from my friends when I brought home this stuff. Why would I even waste my time with something that even teenagers would only touch with…

Gorbatschow Blue Label vodka

Gorbatschow Blue Label

Is this lower-shelf classic good for anything or is it just a generic money-making brand?

I didn’t expect much from this. It is a widely available lower-shelf product from Germany with a generic name, what was there too expect? But it actually…