Rutte vodka


If an organic vodka has a greenish hue to it, is that a good sign or a bad sign?

This one was another gift from a friend. Probably the best thing about keeping this review blog is that people always know what to give me for my birthday. Gone are the…

Vox vodka


Can anything that bears the same name as the singer of one of the world’s most terrible music groups be any good?

I can’t help it: whenever I hear the latin word “vox” (voice), I immediately think of that terrible, terrible singer/sunglass-rack who calls himself “Bono Vox”. I dislike him so much I don’t even know where to…


Ketel One

Is it justified that this stuff is so popular in mixed drinks, and if so, does that mean it’s not good?

I got this as a present, so I was a bit more excited than usual (you know I am almost always excited to try out new stuff). So we sat down, prepared the…