Beluga Noble Winter

What does it mean when you don’t pay attention in a statement about paying attention?

Ever since trying Beluga for the first time while I was in Russia in the summer of 2010, I have been a fan. But you can only drink so much of this stuff, especially since it’s pretty expensive. So every now and then I keep an eye open for…


Beluga Celebration

Will Beluga Celebration be better than the original?

This being Beluga, and not just that, but Beluga Celebration, my expectations were high. And I didn’t feel disappointed. Beluga Celebration has only a very faint smell, which is always a good sign. If the stuff smells like some kind of…

Belenkaya Luxe vodka

Belenkaya Luxe

Is this one just de luxe in name or is it really that good?

Behold! This one is called Беленькая Люкс – Belenkaya Luxe vodka, and it is not from Kyrgyzstan, even though I bought it there. No, it is from Russia! I was in Cholpon-Ata when I tried it, a beach resort on the northern shore of Issyk-kul. It was a few weeks after that tumultuous night of Jeti Oguz, the hangover had passed, and I had kept myself busy doing other things besides…

Legend Of Kremlin vodka

Legend Of Kremlin

If there is a legend about the Kremlin, can we really expect to find it in a bottle of vodka?

This one is a premium brand like so many others. And like so many others it boasts a long tradition and some of the closest ties to Czar’s Family. There is apparently even…

Shtoffka vodka


Is this brand name hilarious, or is it just further proof that humor doesn’t improve from drinking?

You know how sometimes you get an idea stuck in your head, a totally random idea, and you just can’t get rid of it? To me, it was the idea that…

Ogni Kremlya vodka

Ogni Kremlya

Is there anything reasonable I can say about this vodka after a long drunken night?

Rublëvka vodka


If there is nothing particular to be said about a certain vodka, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Kalinovaya vodka


Is this the prettiest bottle design ever, and what do rowan berries really taste like?

Stolichnaya Elit vodka

Stolichnaya Elit

Is this one of those luxury editions that are not much better than the originals?

Etalon vodka


Where is this stuff really from, and if we don’t know where it is from, do we even care?

Rusitsa vodka


What’s wrong with this cork cap and how important is it to attach a picture of a random woman to a vodka bottle?

Czar’s Gold vodka

Czar’s Gold

Was giving this vodka an imperial name a mistake, or was it smart marketing for an excellent product?

Russkaya Ruletka vodka

Russkaya Ruletka

Is there a reason to try Russian Roulette, or should we just stick to our guns and drink other stuff?

Baykal vodka


Is this the vodka brand with the best or the worst advertisement campaign ever?

Vysota Luxe vodka

Vysota Luxe

Why is this vodka called deluxe, and why is it not enough to have a product that’s just decent?

Stolichnaya vodka


Can this classic vodka live up to its name, and by the way: what is its name anyway?

Five Lakes vodka

Five Lakes

When you drink this, will you feel the freshness of Siberian lakes or just the percentage of alcohol?

Kedrovitsa vodka


What do pine trees really taste like and why did I fail to notice them in this vodka?

Dvojnaya Belaya vodka

Dvojnaya Belaya

If this is so good, then why don’t the people who sell it drink it themselves?

Hlebnaya vodka

Ladoga Hlebnaya

Is there anything to be learned from drinking, and what does bread have to do with vodka?

Russian Standard vodka

Russian Standard

Does a vodka brand have to be old and established in order to be truly great?

Green Mark vodka

Green Mark

Is this just another washed up legend, or can it still live up to old expectations?

Kauffman vodka


Is the hefty price tag on this vodka brand really justified, or is it just another luxury hype?

Beluga vodka

Beluga Noble

Is Beluga overpriced, and why did they put a fish on the label and not a whale?

Imperia vodka


Is this what happens when you try to come up with something even more awesome than the original?

Parliament vodka


Does filtering with milk make any difference, and what is so awesome about this brand name?

Imperial Collection vodka

Imperial Collection

Is this true deluxe or is it just another regular ass vodka with a nice name on the label?

Tigroff Ginseng vodka

Tigroff Ginseng

What does ginseng aroma have to do in an all-black bottle with tiger scratch marks?

Kalashnikov vodka

Kalashnikov Premium

Is it cool to drink an assault rifle, and who has this vodka brand been made for?

Georgievskaya Birch vodka

Georgievskaya Birch

What does a birch tree really taste like, and why do people put it in their drinks?