Samaani vodka


Does a vodka have to be smooth in order to be enjoyable, or is it good enough if it’s just fun?

This one was from Finland, made in what was supposed to be the “most northern distillery in the world” or something. Samaani means shaman, and there is a neat little…

Finlandia vodka


Can this one be as good as the Finnish classic drink Koskenkorva (which they call Kossu)?

If I am not mistaken, Finlandia is produced by the same state-owned Finnish company that makes Koskenkorva. But it’s not the same stuff. While Kossu…

Koskenkorva vodka


Has the North become predictable, or are we in for a surprise with this vodka?

I thought vodka brands from the North were all the same: strong quality, good in drinks, nothing exceptional. That seemed to be…