Is this colorful sable going to catch the goose?

Sobolinaya was being marketed as an upscale brand, and as such it would have been understandable had they went with the Belvedere/Goose ground glass finish that seemed to be so typical in this segment of late. But no, they went for clear glass, but they added something to it that gave it a rainbow-like, pearlescent effect…

Cîroc vodka


Are grapes the future of vodka making, or is this just a niche product for the affluent drunk hipster?

I have said it before: It’s fun to try new things. When I picked this one up in the store I thought: well, Bree vodka wass made from grapes as well, and it was pretty good, so…

Alpha Noble vodka

Alpha Noble

What will a real pro say about this vodka, and is the word “noble” in any way justified?

Jelzin Vanilla vodka

Jelzin Vanilla

What’s with the historical Russian names on foreign vodka bottles, and will the vanilla flavoring be any good?

Grey Goose vodka

Grey Goose

Was it really worth digging deep down into my pocket just to have a few sips of the Goose?