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Remember when I was staying on the shores of lake Issyk-kul, waiting for my Turkmen visa to go through?

Well, I ended up spending several weeks there, during which I ate a lot of watermelons and even more lagman. And I tried a bit more of that Kyrgyz vodka. This one is called Kyrgyz Standard, and I will tell you right now it’s a hot contestant for best vodka ever (if we’re talking about a combination of taste, aftertaste, bottle design, and price, that is).

Kyrgyz Standard vodka is setting its own standard

Kyrgyz Standard was a bit less affordable than most other Kyrgyz brands. This seemed only logical, since it was fairly new, and it called itself “Standard”, just like one of my all-time favorite brands: Russian Standard. Anyway, I got this one for about 10€, which is rather expensive in Central Asia, but would still be a 9/10 globally.

I liked the bottle design. It reminded me of Kyrgyz Aragi with its angular ground glass and its red ornaments, but I thought Kyrgyz Standard had a more sophisticated feel to it. The cap looked way better. A 8/10.

Now that we’ve got this out of the way, let’s talk about the vodka itself. There was almost no smell at all. You know vodka means “little water” and not “the smell will burn your eyes”, so this was very promising. And rightly so. Kyrgyz Standard has a very cool and smart taste, and it slides down easily. A 10/10.

The aftertaste is almost perfect as well. It is surprisingly thick and lush. Try it by breathing out through your nose after you’ve taken a sip. That’s the aroma. A 9/10.

All in all, this one is just great. I wonder what price tag it would have on European or American shelves, but that’s another question. Kyrgyz Standard vodka is a solid 9.0

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  1. I fully agree with you, Chris. I had this vodka first when invited by Kyrgyz friends of our consultancy project, in 2017. They saw how i liked it, so when i left after some very pleasant working days in Bishkek, they put a bottle of this Kyrgyz Standard in my suitcase. It was a big success at home, in the Netherlands. Next time i went to Bishkek, i sure knew what to go for in the Tax free shop at Manas Airport. I am not a real vodka drinker; only had some experience with several Russian brands when i visited Astana and Almaty in Kazakhstan. Unfortunately these Kazakh do not drink or sell Kyrgyz products. But forme, this Kyrgyz Standard is really ‘ numero uno’!


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