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This one is the fourth and final contender of the 2018 Sheki vodka experiment. It was called Stolichniy vodka, and if that name reminds you of the formidable Stolichnaya, then you’re probably already a bit worried that this one might turn out to be a disappointment.

Should Stolichniy vodka get a new name and a designer?

This one cost 5 manat for 500ml, so again it was a 4€/700ml deal, which was a solid 10/10. It is affordable to get wasted in the Caucasian Mountains.

The bottle design looked old in a bad way. And I don’t mean old-old, but rather old in the sense that the designers had wanted it too seem old maybe a decade or two ago. It looked clumsy. Also, it was another bottle with a cork cap. The whole thing had an air of something that you would drink in order to get drunk. A 4/10.

the softness

There was a strong smell when I opened the bottle, something like industrial alcohol that was rather off putting. I hesitated to take a sip, but when I did, the taste was cold and soft, and the vodka went down easily. It was much better than I had expected. A 7/10.

The aftertaste on the other hand was weak and boring. There wasn’t any significant warming sensation, and just a faint aroma of metal. I’ll give this one a 5/10.

Overall, Stolichniy vodka was better than the bottle design suggested and worse than the name promised. A 6.5 that fails to reflect the softness of its taste.

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