Absolut Elyx

Can you taste the copper?

A while ago I got an email from Jeremie. “Do you want to try some new vodka?” he asked me. Sure, I said. A little later I got a bottle in the mail. Just like that.

Smooth vodka


Does it mean putting too much pressure on yourself if you name your vodka brand Smooth?

Interesting bottle design, but what a whacky name! That’s about what I thought when I picked this one up. But the vodka was surprisingly…

Camitz Sparkling vodka

Camitz Sparkling

Is this sparkling vodka something like a practical joke, or does it really taste good?

I got this because I wanted to celebrate the fact that I had finally turned in the manuscripts for my books. After so many months of toiling and of self-doubt, it felt like…

Svedka vodka


Is this any good, and is it even possible to pass judgement on a vodka brand from tastings like these?

I am thinking about the difficulties in vodka tasting these days. Vodka brands don’t differ as much in taste as do other liquors, say whiskey for example. Also, …

Absolut vodka


Has anybody tried all the different flavored editions of this brand, and are they even worth trying?

When I was working at Élysée Montmartre in 2003, we used to sell mainly one vodka brand, and that one was called: Absolut. I didn’t drink any alcohol when I…