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After trying that awful Kristall White stuff, I didn’t feel particularly enthusiastic about drinking any more. But I had a mission, and it included four bottles. Not one, not two, not three. But four.

So I took the second one and gave it a look.

Maybe there’s no difference if Khaoma vodka is eco or not

It was called Khaoma Original vodka (Хаома Оригинальная водка), and right on the label it said that this was no ordinary stuff. This was a so-called “ecovodka”. I found an explanation underneath: “Distilled and bottled in ecologically pure region.” Interestingly enough, all of this was in English, not in Kazakh or in Russian.

Eco-friendly vodkas were nothing new. I had tried others like 360 and Tarpan before, and in my experience they were just like any regular brands – they either tasted good or bad. And I had no way of judging the eco-friendliness of a particular brand anyway.

So I decided to just forget about the eco-part and give Khaoma a try.

Long story short: it was very good. Khaoma tastes a bit dry and a bit bitter, but there is also a hint of sweetness in it. A surprisingly complex flavor that I highly enjoyed (9/10). Oh, and it has almost no smell at all! The aftertaste is not as impressive. It’s soft, but not very aromatic. I’d give it a 6/10, though I’m leaning way more towards a 7 than towards a 5.

Bottle design: sorry, but I’m just no fan of the block shape. I think it looks cheap. Sure, the glass is slightly curved, which is a nice touch, but still, the overall design seems a bit bland to me. I’ll give it a well-meaning 6/10.

The price, of course, is just awesome. I got this 700ml bottle for 1346 Tenge, which puts it in the 4€ price range. A solid 10/10, just like almost any other Central Asian vodka. Getting wasted is just so cheap here.

If you’re ever in Kazakhstan, try this vodka!

Overall rating: a 7.75

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